Burnt Ends


This was the getaway that almost didn’t come to be. We were very much bent on taking a short vacation over the good Friday weekend, but tripled flight fares and accommodations of choice that were almost completely booked out nearly voided our plan until we managed to find a nondescript but decently-priced beach resort to nest in, that we could get to by ferry.

It was lovely and liberating spending most of the weekend in so little clothes, in and out of the pool that was just outside our balcony. Every morning I’d be up before 8am (a real rarity back home, though I try) to partake in the potent early rays of sun poolside, while waiting for Syafiq to wake and then heading to breakfast together.

One afternoon, our food comas led us on a leisurely walk around the resort grounds, and at the beachfront we noticed that the sea had been pulled from the shore to reveal a bed of ombre orange rocks, shells and the occasional scuttling crab. It was too good a photo op to resist despite the security guard’s orders, so we walked out onto the seabed to take photos among the rocks, which looked magnificently dramatic relative to the rest of the landscape.

The whole shindig was laidback and incredibly fun, and I can no longer count on one hand the shades of red and orange that now decorate my skin. The itch is incredibly persistent, as is the painful protest of sunburnt skin making itself known.

So here we are, back to the daily grind. Still slathering myself in aloe. Still on the lookout for our next adventure.

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