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We reserve a certain level of admiration for the French courtesy that’s evident in the way anything labelled as such is automatically bumped up the scale of desirability. At least I’m pretty sure that’s the case when it comes to the fields of pastries, makeup, fashion and romance et cetera. It’s the vignettes of daily Parisian life encapsulated in street style that I have developed a peculiar appetite for, even if I’ve inadvertently bastardised what it means to be French by over romanticising all of it - the pleated vintage midi dresses, cropped flare denim, pristine Breton stripe tees and low heeled Mary Janes that seem characteristic of the women, along with those straw market totes they carry home stuffed with fresh flowers and baguettes. 

I can’t tell if this happens only on Pinterest or also in real life.

Either way, because imitation is the highest form of flattery, legal implications notwithstanding, I’m proposing four ways you can to feel French. Why might anyone want to feel French, you ask? Because if the opening paragraph above resonated with you then you too have certain weaknesses that these four psychological shortcuts will gratify.

4 ways to be French

Eat croissants (duh)
Croissant consumption is one of life’s greatest joys. Those buttery layers that leave shards of buttery debris of all over your lips are like Dante’s nine levels of Hell for your health, except the decadence will always be enough to anaesthetise anyone from the detriment of butter and flour. I will be ill-equipped to speak for French pastries until the day I have a sentient experience of France (after all going to Paris as a child barely counts for anything) but I did travel Italy very recently, and because croissants are an integral part of every Italian breakfast save for the fact that they are called cornettos, I can paint a pretty accurate picture of the architecture of heaven. 

Heaven, or at least the version to which I can attest, looks a little like a Ricotta cornetto that tastes like it's still attached to the umbilical cord of the oven, ordered in a neighbourhood bakery in Rome to eat at the tables by the sidewalk while marvelling at the wonders of an Italian morning. 

The bottom line is, cornettos and croissants--if both are intrinsically different I am none the wiser--alike are surreally good. And by virtue of their geographical ties with the Medditerenean, they will make you feel French. I think.

Look up Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin is the bona fide French fashion icon and the number one tenant of my Pinterest boards. She has a habit of lugging around a wicker basket bag that is the physical manifestation of Instagram likebait - it’s an eye pleaser, at the expense of its practicality for daily use. It has most definitely catalysed my own obsession with straw bags. This one, which I found on Etsy and glued handmade red and orange yarn pompoms on, is spacious enough to contain practically all my life’s possessions and pairs well with everything but the kitchen sink.

Wear linen
The archetypal South of France yacht owner attire of choice, linen is as generically French as a croissant. It’s highly recommended for its sustainability and vicarious transportation properties. I first saw this Reformation linen dress on Margot Robbie and it struck me that its minimal but flattering form was the embodiment of an insouciant summer in the French countryside. It also occurred to me that this would henceforth be my approach for experiencing France without any actual travel.

Check out the Paris Fashion Week
Did you see those Louis Vuitton iPhone cases that look like their iconic vintage monogrammed trunks, if said trunks got the Honey I Shrunk The Kids treatment? Or Balmain’s uncharacteristically delicate presentation? Or Chloé's agglomeration of pleats, eyelet and lace, which was weirdly reminiscent of Self-Portrait but bone chillingly good? The best way to feel French is arguably to throw yourself into the thick of what they are best with. Fashion.

Now. Go forth and conquer.

Wearing Reformation Parisa dress // Etsy bag // ASOS leather slides

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