Weekends in the tropics


The past weekend was a whirlwind of fun, sand and sea. But mostly one of sunshine. Both literal and metaphorical. A sunbathing endeavour had been on my agenda for months, the result of my latent fear of my tan going into retrograde and leaving in its tracks a pale mustard torpor that I don’t care much for. So on Friday we finally hit the beach in Sentosa! And thereafter quickly found the savage sunshine a force to be reckoned with. Bet it’s been a while since you thought about the joys of a cold shower. But lemme tell ya, all it takes to sharpen your ability to appreciate a chilly bath (and coconut water) is a playdate with the scorching sun. 

On the topic of the swimsuit. It was a fortuitous find off ASOS that ducked in and out of my reach by periodically going out of stock before I could make my mind up on whether to hit buy, and I spent several days following one of those periods grieving over my indecisiveness and trying to no avail to find a viable alternative. Then one day (just as I had lost all hope! Give these clichés a medal) it finally came back in stock. And it was half priced! We all know how that one goes.

Following that splendid afternoon, on Sunday we rented bicycles and traversed all of Coney Island, which, in spite of the fact that it was lacking the thrills and spills and the amazing boardwalk and Nathan’s hot dogs and Deno's Wonder Wheel of its New York namesake, was not too shabby a way to spend the weekend. This time, the sun was on the right side of the comfort barometer and bore down forgivingly on the us as we cracked jokes on our bikes with the lightness of dandelions and hearts filled with liquid gold. If I had to decode those metaphors, I suppose it would describe the setting as being pretty perfect for the pair of us to enjoy each others’ company.

Wearing ASOS swimsuit // thrifted boater hat

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