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This was shot at the National Gallery before the National Gallery afflicted Instagram by becoming the unofficial most photogenic backdrop of 2016. Almost a year ago, I believe. What I can’t believe is how much has changed since then! When I recently found this unfinished blog post in my draft folder, pre-populated with photos of me wearing an outfit that I can only describe now as cringe-worthy, I thought it prudent to publish it anyway. For posterity. I did, at one point in time, think that wearing wide leg pants (however unflattering the loose crotch may have been to my hips) with a crop top and a long sash fashioned into a long choker with studded flats was a novel idea.

I recently purged my closet of anything I deemed myself unlikely of ever wearing again, which is something I do every other month in a feeble attempt to Marie Kondo the heck out of my room and declutter with a capital D. Only this time, I felt unsettled by the sheer amount of fabric I had thrown into a human-sized paper bag to be dropped off at the Salvation Army - it made absolutely no difference to how terribly my closet was brimming. I mean, there is literally nothing that triggers an awakening more than throwing out a massive heap of clothes only to find that it was all but a drop in the proverbial ocean of clothing you own. I felt awful for the amount of money I’d spent on all those threads, having come face to face with the fact that none of them were prime for longevity. They were already out of trend. A change of shopping tactic was clearly necessary.

Since then, I have been inclined to think I have stopped picking up on fashion trends with reckless abandon and forsaken my habitual mass purchase of clothing that—due to the volatile nature of its popularity—will be tossed out just as quickly as they were deemed in. Good for frugality, and even better for ensuring my wardrobe is clear of textile waste destined to be clingy to landfills for the rest of their pollutive lives. It’s been a month or so since I made that personal pact but one can only hope that they stay committed to spending less money on following trends for the sake of being on-trend. Right? Good!

Another confession: I think being vegetarian/occasionally vegan could veer dangerously on being faddish, but we can live with that if it doesn’t actually show any detrimental side effects on one’s bank account or health yes? In truth, I have been dissatisfied with my work lunches for long time, due in part to the lack of cost-effective alternatives to grease and lard-laden hawker takeaways that don’t involve rabbit food, or a $10 delivery charge. It’s close to impossible to eat well on a budget in this part of town. And the more time I spend on Pinterest and my usual motley crew of food blogs browsing recipes for potential homemade lunches, the more I’ve been succumbing to the allure of a vegetarian diet. (Disclaimer: only until 6pm, though. At dinner I always have meat. Yum!) 

The clean eating movement has been in vogue for several years at least, perpetuated by instacelebs like Deliciously Ella and Kayla Itsines etc, and I get that the clean eating hash tag sparkles with total basic bitch appeal. And I guess that’s perfectly fine by me because I love my fruit and veggies, sometimes more than I love meat. Taking my vegan food to work is also an inadvertent source of comic relief because people always seem to have their minds blown by the fact that there’s no absolutely no meat in my deceptively normal-looking food. Sometimes you get the occasional meat zealot who scrunches up their nose in contempt but you can take your veggie shaming somewhere else, thank you very much! Question is, is my veganism a trend or pure dietary preference? Perhaps the two converge on this one. Fortunately though, unlike the shopping vice discussed above this one doesn’t come with tangible consequences. Ironically, I’ll have my cake and eat it too.

Wearing Keepsake top // Zara sash // Love, Bonito pants // BCBGGeneration shoes

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