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I often get questions on where I shop, which is less of a statement about my styling calibre than it is an offhand observation that I hardly wear the same outfit twice. 

Well. I technically do, just not in the same permutations each time. Money and closet capacity just don’t permit otherwise! These days I shop purposefully and take clothes to the checkout only if they have an effective cost-per-wear, which means I don't buy it unless I see myself matching it with everything else in my wardrobe. I've doubled down on dresses because they can mostly only be worn in one standard way. This Topshop embroidered top and skirt were procured at the eleventh hour the week preceding Chinese New Year earlier this year, out of desperation to avoid the traditional. And I've worn it so many different ways ever since. 

Which brings me to my list. This is where I go when the urge hits me (as it does ever so often) to put something new in my wardrobe. We'll start with the obvious.

Topshop (obviously)
I love Topshop so much. I don't even know where to start. They once did a plaid shirt with a frilled bib and collar. Then they did a camel hued corduroy midi skirt. Who even does that? Topshop. The end.

And the rest:

I shop at the Reformation with much restraint due to the fact that they have price tags that make my heart disintegrate into dust, but their dresses and co-ords are so good they’re part of Taylor Swift’s squad. As in, she’s photographed in them so often it puts her other bossom buddies to shame. The Ref prides themselves on ethical sourcing and eco-friendly production methods, but more importantly, you know you’re going to look good in anything they shove in your face. Have you seen the way the fabric is cut? Or the thigh high slits that make your pins look miles long? I love those sassy, provocative overtones that aren't usually associated with mass produced fashion. I’ll have one of everything.
Shop Reformation here

This one is in no way pocket friendly by conventional standards but I have a weakness for their minimal and very elegant design aesthetic. It reminds me of Phoebe Philo, which maybe is a signpost for overstepping copyright liberties, but the slick lines and luxe fabrics get me every time. I bought a pair of white pants and the TL;DR version of this love story is that they sit so agreeably alongside the undulations of my hips and legs that I’m always more than happy to undertake the burden of having to keep them spotless throughout the entire day.
Shop COLLATE here

This is a tried-tested-true option through and through, but if we're being real here, Zara churns up the best skirts in the game. We’re talking numerous iterations of the most beautiful brocade A-line, intricately embroidered, delicately pleated midi or coyly slitted maxi skirts. Sometimes they don’t fit properly and even the smallest size needs to be held in place with a large rubber banded knot—which, is strange because I swear God once allotted me a generous serve of hips 24 years ago—but in general I’d say if you have to succumb to the guilty pleasure that is fast fashion, Zara is the least of all necessary evils. 

This is like going into a vintage store - Storets' clothes are either really great, or uninspiring enough to pass up at first glance. But that’s why people thrift shop, right? It’s all about the off chance that you might spot something unexpectedly brilliant. Which I have. I once bought a black sweater with exaggerated cascading ruffles for sleeves, and a white off-shoulder top with an inbuilt choker, things I never thought were even a thing. You need a penchant for quirk to be able to appreciate Storets, but you’ll find some insanely good wardrobe fillers here.
Shop Storets here

Wearing Topshop top and skirt | Christian Louboutin shoes | Tobi blazer

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