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I've never been one to craft or upcycle fashion accoutrements into existence, much as the assorted catalog of DIY ideas that come into my Facebook newsfeed every now and again extolling miracles such as turning your plaid shirt into a skirt might catch my eye. But expending a few too many hours on Pinterest must've inadvertently galvanised my latent artsy inclinations into being, because of late I've taken on a couple of DIY exploits of my own.

There's a cathartic enjoyment that comes from crafting that almost makes the cleanup worthwhile. We don't even have to talk about the cliched virtues of making something your own, but it's oddly rewarding wearing something you've fashioned with little more than acrylic paint and run of the mill canvas shoes, and then relishing in the barrage of questions and comments that follow. Yes sir, I made these myself! And they're comfortable to wear, but they're cute too; the same can't be said for certain types of footwear that are only one trait or the other. Here's how you can wear a party on your feet too. These ventures are terribly easy, and necessitate little more than the supplies laid out in the photos. Have fun!

Pom pom sandals

You'll need:
Pom poms in colours and sizes of your choosing
A hot glue gun
Strappy heels

These are embarrassingly simple. Just use your hot glue gun to stick them pom poms onto the straps of your sandals. It takes all of a half hour to complete. Ta-dah.

Donut sneakers

You'll need:
A carbon pencil
Acrylic paints
White canvas sneakers
Mod Podge
Paint brushes

Do we even need directions for this one? It's easy peasy. Delineate your doodles on your canvas shoes with the carbon pencil, then color it in with the acrylic paints. Let dry fully before finishing off with a coat of Mod Podge over the painted areas to seal it in. P.S. Mod Podge isn't completely waterproof, but as long as you don't steep your shoes in a puddle of rainwater, they will stay fine and dandy. And who does that, really. 

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