Touch Of Red


Conspicuous consumerism may be conducive to the proliferation of the unassuming brand logo in the direction of the gaudy and striking, but this breeds even more admiration when you have on your hands a fashion house that has mastered the art of the non-logo logo. Bottega Veneta does this remarkably well with their Intrecciato weave, as does Mansur Gavriel - the underdog that emerged without warning from the solar plexus of New York City to propel the classic 1980s bucket bag right into the forefront of 2015 street style fame. Without saying much, they've said everything. And brands like these afford those in the know the tiniest bit of narcissistic gratification-- the validation that they are indeed in the know--solely by virtue of being able to discern, for instance, a Mansur Gabriel bucket bag from its throngs of ripoffs by the specific sheen of the coated calf finish and the way the leather gathers at the top when its drawstrings are pulled taut.

Perhaps this restraint in straddling blatant recognisability and poised modesty has created some sort of enigma that I've come to appreciate. I used to tell myself that if I were to buy something expensive I'd make damn sure any onlooker would know right away what brand it was, so needless to say this necessitated bold and big visual cues in the product design. But these days, my fascination has been held by the Parisian designer we all know for audaciously placing his trademark in the last place in which it would be searched for - the sole.

I've always loved Christian Louboutin shoes for how sexy yet elegant they are, and there's gotta be a reason they have an entire Jennifer Lopez song dedicated to them am I right? They dance provocatively to reveal just enough of themselves from under select curves of the shoe so that when the corner of your eye catches a glimpse of that flaming hue of red, there emerges a fleeting jolt of recognition that vindicates the power of the non-logo logo. These Pigalles were always bound for the spotlight. Now that I have them, there will no shortage of appearances by these shoes in this space, I'm sure. In the meantime, yours truly will as always attempt to pick up the pace on posting frequency - being absorbed in and consequentially exhausted by work, ramped-up gym workouts and a couple of very compelling novels is, unfortunately, always too convenient a distraction. 

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