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know, I know. We should’ve been done talking about New York City on this blog a lifetime ago, but once you’ve been to NYC life dichotomises itself nicely into before and after phases; of which the afterglow in the latter lasts so very long. Some patience might be called to bar here, seeing as I’ve amassed an almost comical volume of photos from just a single vacation and in the deluge of post-travel content there is still one particular assemblage of photos that has eluded me thus far. 

You see, one promising morning as the opulent splatters of orange and red painted the shades of dawn across the skies in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, we awoke with grand notions of going to the ABC studios in Manhattan and watching a live taping of The View, on account of me having been lucky enough to win a ticketing ballot a couple months prior. Out of habit, we made our perfunctory trek to IHOP for a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes crowned with the most luscious strawberry compote the world has ever seen, and then got on subway at a precisely timed hour that would guarantee our arrival in the Upper West Side by noon. We would then have made it just in time to get ourselves admitted into the studios.

However the subway had different ideas, and no thanks to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s errors in judgement we ended up trapped on the Manhattan Bridge for almost thirty minutes. After which in the haze of confusion we mistakenly alighted in Harlem, which by our calculations turned out to be a grand 20 blocks from our initial destination. So at this point we conceded defeat and bidded a premature farewell to our hopes for seeing Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg in the flesh.

Fortunately, as the clichéd adage goes, when the ABC Studios doors close the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s doors open (was it something along those lines?) so what we did end up doing is spending our afternoon looking at the works of Matisse, Picasso and Cézanne et cetera. We also found ourselves on the steps of the New York Public Library, where yours truly got behind the lens of the camera together with the stone lions flanking the building’s entrances.

What you’re seeing here are some of the most done-to-death pieces in my wardrobe - a look of which many incarnations have been fashioned from its constitutive parts: a denim A-line button-down skirt that one might recall being very much in vogue earlier this summer courtesy of Clare Waight Keller for Chloé and the likes of Alexa Chung + the most versatile high neck ribbed vest in a sedative shade of grey + strappy faux suede flats enclosing almost-knee high socks that were borrowed from the boyfriend, which played nicely to the Parisian schoolgirl look I might’ve been subconsciously gunning for.

To conclude: you know how people say that every city you visit changes you in little irrevocable ways? One who goes to New York City comes back evolved ever so slightly, finally privy to new realms of possibility and otherworldly cultural habits that tread unfamiliar yet exciting territory. And with a lion’s share of photos in their camera to boot.

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  1. Cute shoes :)
    Maria V.


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