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One of the things I quickly discovered upon arrival in the world of fashion is that all expectations need to be checked at the door, along with pre-conceived notions and unhinged egos. Feelings of profound contentment are common,  as are feelings of inadequacy, which are an excellent thing; it means you’ve successfully pushed yourself to the forefront of the battlefield in order to fight, get hurt and learn. 

But then there are the little nuggets of surprise that sprout up from seeming nothingness every now and again, such as my undevised and accidental appointment as an occasional quote-unquote model (the term unnerves me, given how far removed I am from any notion anyone might have of an actual model) for smalltime photo ops. With increasing frequency, I find my presence being requested for this and that photoshoot, and then I am plied with varying manners of luxury bags that I never thought I’d ever lay hands on and being directed to pose in whatever manner necessary. It’s a mild thrill, as you might expect. Imagine being employed as a writer and ending up moonlighting as a lingering presence in a brand’s Instagram account or website. On the upside, I also leverage the mild generosity of the favour to request that the photos are released for publication on my blog. So tah-dah. More content for your truly.

These photos are from one such endeavour, and thankfully I was presentably dressed that afternoon in a high neck crop jumper (my favourite, I love clothing that offer my neck protective coverage and I would be piling on the turtlenecks if this part of the world’s suffocating heat didn’t make that so improbable) and a ASOS pencil skirt with a dangerously high slit that necessitated extra caution when lowering oneself into any sort of sitting arrangement.

As for the pose? It’ll have to make do until I watch enough iterations of VS fashion shows to know what makes for a good ride-or-die stance for the camera.

Wearing ASOS skirt // Pull & Bear crop jumper // ASOS shoes // Bottega Veneta bag
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