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Considering posting on my blog at an unremarkable rate of once a week used to riddle me with guilt and a nagging feeling of helplessness at not being able to afford the requisite time, it baffles me most that it’s been four weeks since I last published a post. Four weeks! Time flies. Sometimes it seems more like an artificial construct than an unchanging entity.

Not that time has eluded me without legitimate reason. In the last four weeks I’ve undertaken a little experimentation of Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project, a memoir by an author from New York City who set out to change her life, without really changing her life, with the end goal of becoming happier. This meant no sabbaticals on the same scale as Eat, Pray, Love, or anything particularly drastic that would disrupt the natural order of her life, marriage or family. All very appealing to me, given that my own avoidance of uncertainty is also somewhat of a barrier to imposing any manner of revolutionary change on the life I know. 

If it seems indulgent that someone should dedicate a yearlong wager solely to improving their own happiness, then I find the quote by Robert Louis Stevenson that she includes in the initial pages of the book extremely relevant: ‘There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy’. Look for the rainbows and butterflies, guys! We could all use a little more of it.

I’d bought the book some years ago at Books Actually, for the sole reason that I’d looked at the cover and thought to myself, there’s no reason I wouldn’t care to find out what little tweaks I could make to the prism through which I viewed the world in order to make myself happier - the same thoughts that motivated my recent revisitation of the book. Not that this is any sort of signpost to any underlying unhappiness with my life! On the contrary, it makes far more sense to build a reserve of something when you have an abundance of it, rather than under the desperate realisation of a lack thereof. The book has been unendingly inspiring and entertains me with the uncanny parallels I keep finding between the personality and temperament of Gretchen’s, and my own.

Anyway. At some point I will find it incumbent to speak further of the more compelling things I’ve picked up from The Happiness Project, but for now I’d like to offer a digression to one of the most thoughtfully constructed skirts I’ve laid eyes on in recent times, kudos to C/Meo Collective. It had been sitting in the recesses of my closet for three solid months since I’d ordered it on Fashion Bunker, and I finally figured a weekend brunch with my best friend followed by a wedding was a good a time as any to finally break into it.

I mean. Look at the thing. I’ve grappled with a mild obsession with skirts that have exaggerated wrap details and folds against my better judgement, because most of the time overlaying swathes of fabric on top of each other to create folds result in an excess of volume that is disproportionately clunky, or a chaotic mess of layers. When it’s well executed, however, the folds siphon attention to the right places. 

It makes so little sense that such a large sash around the waist could flatter any womanly contour, but C/Meo Collective just nails it. The midi length also imparts a regal elegance and the polished pencil silhouette that I’ve been seeking more actively of late, ever since I started avoiding crotch-skimming hemlines around the same time I deemed it prudent to be more of an adult. Besides, yours truly also spent a good amount of time marvelling at the quality of the fabric the skirt was made out of - so thick and hardy, it might as well have heat insulation properties, but I’m not complaining.

Wearing C/Meo Collective Little Love Skirt // Love, Bonito Top // ALDO Shoes // Saint Laurent Bag

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  1. oh my gawd that skirt is beautiful!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  2. I can relate to the first paragraph of this post. Time does fly..
    Books do open us up to another world.
    I hope you have a good week.

    Whenever you can, pls visit my blog www.iblogwithgrace.blogspot.com


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