The Eleventh Hour


Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were raising our proverbial champagne glasses to 2015 and getting our ducks in a row, our collective psyche net-like and ready to subjugate the latent dreams and desires that were left unfulfilled from the year before? The dawn of the early Christmas carols is a bittersweet symphony signposting the fact that somehow, 11 months have already passed. And somehow, as December foists its fist upon us, we’re standing on the precipice of the turn of yet another year. Whoa, what?

At the start of 2015 I deemed it my sole mission to finally move Sydney this year. And doesn't January's fog of optimism habitually delude us into overpromising and inadvertently undelivering? In the course of the year I’ve seen this particular ambition disintegrate and pick up over and over again, but for a plethora of reasons it has since metamorphosed into something more substantial and purposeful. Strange how things tends to pan out, but I’m happy as a clam. 

Certainly taking stock of all that’s been done and dusted also brings to light several of your own inadequacies, but I’m also content to report to no one in particular that I’ve seen more personal growth in myself this year than I ever thought feasible. Who would’ve thought at the start of this year that among other things, I’d switch jobs, (finally) travel to New York, and (finally) start a blog that Google Analytics indicates has actual human readers? 

And so, on to the closing segments of a very fulfilling year. Bring on the resolutions, renewed hearts and minds, and new pages ready to be turned over. I am thankful for every emotion, triumph, trial, sleepless night, visceral burst of joy, drop of temerity and dose of fortitude that I've experienced in the past year, and new beginnings are never a bad thing so long as they are embarked on with a bit of mindfulness and gratitude. Perhaps the perfect finishing touch here is a hauntingly inspiring line from my current favourite literary squeeze, Gretchen Rubin: the days are long, but the years are short. Exciting times are waiting to be had, my friends.

Wearing Cloth Inc skirt // ASOS shoes // Ray Ban Aviators

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