A minor case for the Normcore movement


It seems incumbent that a post centred around a crop jumper (with stripes of optical illusion standards, no less) and acid washed jeans should start off with a tip of the hat to the whole normcore movement, so let's revisit the history books for a second.

It wasn’t too long ago that the world suddenly saw a complete reversal of fashion's inherent gravitation towards the Loud and Conspicuous. Suddenly, half of Hollywood seemed to be trading their flamboyant designer troves for baseball caps, Chucks and skinny jeans, and no one seemed capable of deciding whether this new aesthetic was to be considered audaciously lacking in effort, or pure brilliance.

Eventually, the scene made up its proverbial mind and began heralding the stripping down of fashion to its most empirical elements as the Next Big Thing. It was, apparently, an embodiment of the fashion zeitgeist that actually melded form with function for once, and simplified the convoluted concept of fashion into something that was palatable even to the average preschooler.

They really could have labelled this movement something that didn't sound like a dirty word, though. Any self-respecting writer could never use a word like 'normcore' without breaking out in epileptic cringes. Isn’t it the equivalent of adding 'chic' or 'luxe' behind any word in the dictionary in order to legitimise its existence in the fashion lexicon? 

Sports luxe - ew. Office chic - gross. Geek chic - shudder! See how these hybrid terms feel lazy and gratuitous?

But there is something to be said about the normcore movement. It captures the fun in the unexpected. It validates your mettle, because skill delineates sloppy from edgy. You are acutely aware that you look presentable to the world, but you think to yourself, ‘…and I didn’t even have to lift a finger.’.

You may ask, wasn’t normcore the order of the day like, two years ago? Didn’t it disappear along with the mass adoration of Kristen Stewart and the Twilight franchise? If we’re being pedantic here – then yes, yes it has! No one cares to attach this term to their name any longer, but the principle remains. It’s the Mac and Cheese of fashion. It feels terribly indulgent and yet incredibly gratifying, and never gets old. Besides, fashion is cyclical; give any trend its obligatory downtime but it’s always just a few Fashion Weeks away from making a comeback. So go forth, and indulge. Take it from me and my Upper West Side getup - normcore feels utterly awesome.

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  1. love this look!
    back to sending my love from the sandpit...


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