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Fall is, sartorially speaking, my favourite season. Lately I’ve been preoccupied acquiring clothes of a color palette reminiscent of the Sahara and a generous helping of faux suede. 
The season have their own associations - summer is for a touch of spirited effervescence, floral prints and perpetual poolside Mai Tai dreams. Winter wardrobes never seem particularly relevant and spring is, well, spring. 

And then you have fall, and it’s all Marsala and Cadmium Oak, and opulent shades in other tacky Pantone names. It’s a regal and refined nod at the decades past. Suddenly the earthy shades come out to play and you get the renaissance of vintage gems like flared pants that cinch your waist and elongate your stems, or stacked heels and longline vests that land halfway between Bohemian and retro. 

And then there’s the piece de resistance of Fall fashion; the magnum opus in my opinion, if you will - the minimalist aesthetic. Of late I’ve fallen victim to the elegant draping, fluid lines and structured silhouettes from the likes of Céline and The Row by the Olsen twins. Confession: prowling the web at work in the interest of editorial research often gives way to accidental lust-igniting browsing of their newest arrivals on Net-a-Porter. As yours truly has come to realise, experiencing surges of carnal materialistic desire is one of the occupational hazards of working in fashion.

My best friend of over a decade finally came home from Melbourne after a 5 year stint in the city of avocado-topped brunches and coffee connoisseurs. Of the many ways we are different (opposites do attract, after all) we share a love for vintage dresses, Instagram-influenced fashion and attempting to take Tumblr-esque pictures. So this week, we headed out to indulge in all these aforementioned things and while I was getting dressed, it felt to me like it only made sense to put together two of my favourite Fall trends - the Earthy tones and minimal look. While I was shopping in New York almost a month ago, my subconscious gravitation towards anything camel-colored or faux suede was a daily occurrence, and this outfit is a result of those retail exploits.

The clean layering and lack of decorative accoutrements played to the minimalist ideal, while the playful fringe detail on the skirt was a convivial touch. (P.S. I have a thing for fringed skirts, don't I) Add to the equation my Steve Madden stilettos, so that the floral prints keep the whole getup away from adjectives like plain, boring or neutral. Fall means so little when you live in an equatorial climate, away from romantic landscapes blanketed by fallen burnt-orange leaves and the occasional teasing chill in the air. But when it comes to fashion, Fall is everything.

Wearing Forever 21 skirt / Top from a boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn / Steve Madden shoes / Proenza Schouler PS11 Bag

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