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A couple of day ago we were driving around on the prowl for a photo op, and truth be told, after we sealed the deal on a satisfying slate of pictures that day I felt particularly fortunate to have come into the resources to reinstate my fashion blog after about two years of being out of action.

Blogging is a little like caring for a newborn - entirely gratifying and sometimes a pain in the behind to keep up with, but every night, you thank every planet that isn't in retrograde for the opportunity to share your passion and work with a sentient audience. It's a hard knock life but I've rounded up the key things to note, for anyone with half a mind to start one of their own!

The six essentials for fashion blogging, as told by Rachel Hayley Ong

1. Bad peripheral vision 
To filter out prying stares that may induce self-consciousness. Because you know the onlookers who find themselves somewhere between the camera lens, and the conspicuous contortion of your limbs into some attempt at a pose, are bound to gape.

2. Someone who'll get behind the lens with no rate cards attached.
This is assumes two things. One, you don't have friends in high places (and by that I mean people like Jeff Thibodeau or Jake Rosenberg, an honour which a mere mortal may never know) and two, you don't want to wing it solo with a tripod. In which case one might find it conducive to be bestowed with someone willing to take on the wager of all the photographic endeavours that blogging entails. Better yet if this is your boyfriend, and said boyfriend is infinitely patient and generous. And is still polite enough not to roll his eyes when he retires the Canon for the day,  arsenal of two hundred images of you in storage in tow, just in time for you to pull your iPhone out to ask for a few more photos. You know, for Instagram.

3. Or a really good friend, or tinder date, or something. 
Applicable in the event that number three does not appeal to you. Anything goes! This is a no judgement zone.

4. Half-baked excuses to justify your flagrant consumerism
People will enquire about the extent to which having a fashion blog involves regular contributions to the high street's coffers. Be ready with meek excuses like 'well, I shop so much it doesn't make a difference anyway...', or 'at least there's something concrete to legitimize my expenditure now!'. Perhaps even throw a sheepish grin into the batter for good measure, before you send the whole quagmire off to bake.

5. A decent attempt at omniscience 
Necessary because you'll be your own PR and advertising pundit, SEO buff, social media expert, idea generator and content writer. Unless you're in the leagues of Chiara Ferragni or Man Repeller, in which case you've already won at life, and are likely to have dedicated people for each of these undertakings, which is something I cannot personally attest to. What I can attest to, however, is that even if you're a 6-in-1 creative machine slash one woman show, it's a bunch of fun trying to keep au courant with all these fields.

6. Irrational enthusiasm for fashion magazines and bloggers
This is immunity for when you inadvertently run into the common affliction of Not Knowing What to Wear Next, as any regular human specimen would. Here's where the unapologetic shadowing of Instagram hotshots, Net-a-Porter's The Edit, The Coveteur and the like come in handy as they serve to be the crystal ball of fashion in the digital age. Get with the times! Forget what Yves Saint Laurent said about fashion and ephemerality, and cosy up with the trends du jour. We all need to stay relevant, after all.

Wearing Zara Pinafore // Forever 21 Turtleneck // Nine West Shoes // Saint Laurent Bag

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