Coney Island Colours


Coney Island was a dream. 

I haven't been reticent on my love for New York City, with all its diverse dimensions and little ironies. Just walking down the stoop-lined streets of the Upper West Side, dreaming of the opulent marble and crystal fixtures that must adorn the insides of such a pristine apartment, makes you feel incredibly alive and aware of the whole other world that exists outside of yours. 

Brooklyn, however, is the roughed-up, skittish little sister of Manhattan who's just as appealing, but less high-strung and doesn't bother with the frills. It's nowhere near as glamorous or immaculate, but its beauty is in its imperfections and how it has a way of bringing people together with food, flea markets and festivals. If Manhattan speaks to your cosmopolitan fancies, Louboutins clobbering Fifth Avenue pavements and pushing past ten thousand blurred human faces each harbouring different dreams that have brought them to the same city, then Brooklyn appeals your remnant desires to slow the world down and appreciate NYC in all its paradoxical and psychedelic glory. 

Coney Island was by far one of my favourite neighborhoods in all of Brooklyn, and NYC in general. It's a 45 minute subway ride into the depths of the borough, and worlds apart from Manhattan stereotypes. You could spend all day in the old school theme parks, and then watch the sun set on the rainbow parasol-studded beach or boardwalk. For our day of riding the 'coasters and eating hotdogs, I picked a backless dress from Urban Outfitters in a dainty 70's inspired floral print, which I'd picked up the day before while shopping along Union Square. If anyone is headed to New York, I couldn't be more convinced of the need to pencil in a day just to explore this wonderful place, rekindle your love for classic Americana and stuff yourself with at least three juicy Coney dogs from Nathan's.  

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