This post should start off like a TV commercial: 'Ever have been stumped by how to dress on vacation? Here's your answer!'
When it comes to travel, function and fashion seem a little like perennial adversaries - mutually exclusive despite your best efforts. I've never known functionality to be pretty, so I didn't care to make my packing choices about clothes that permit the most unhindered movement and perspiration absorption. Or shoes that can protect your feet through hell and high water.

The compromise I did end up with though, is to have a couple of bags that would pair well with any the colour palette of my wardrobe and yet be roomy enough to hold all my essentials, especially my bulky camera. One of those bags was my trusty Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel, which is generous in storage space without being bulky or heavy. P.S. Remember how at one point the bag also had such a cult following that it instigated a knockoff epidemic everywhere on the 'Net? Thank god them Millennials seem to have grown out of lugging those abominable counterfeits around town ever since.

Wearing ASOS Sandals / H&M Denim Shorts / Love, Bonito Top / Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel

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