Midtown Manhattan Style


The magic of midtown is in its warm familiarity. Every couple of blocks there’s a recognisable face from some distant memory. You marvel at its likeness to the pictures and its magnificence in real life.

The Flat Iron building, Radio City Music Hall and Empire State Building were checked off pretty quickly on my very first day in New York City, but my favourite was (surprise surprise) Central Park.

Central Park is exactly as you’d envision it from the silver screen and Hollywood on your TV. It’s dotted with people walking their pets, people seated on benches by lakes eating their takeout lunches (paleo-vegan-macro something and a carton of coconut water on the side, no less), people making conversation by brownstone architecture and centennial rock formations, and people rowing in glittering lakes. When you close your eyes you can even picture what this place must be like in the winter. You'll see New Yorkers skating a frozen lake in the glimmering twilight, Christmas carols whispering in the background. 

Just like in the movies. It’s romance you’ve conjured up in your mind from being plied with a lifetime of anecdotes on how beautiful and inspiring this city truly is. The following week Central Park would once again draw us back and enchant us with a carefree afternoon picnic, with various Whole Foods finds and the best company in tow.

The two week vacation started and ended somewhere in Midtown Manhattan, and over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more photos of its magic. Watch this space. xx

Wearing vintage skirt from Her Vintage Finds / top from Love, Bonito / bag from Proenza Schouler

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