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The past week hasn't been short on plot twists. I started a brand new job, began wearing stilettos to work again, then had a minor health scare with an unexplained blocked ear and bout of vertigo. Which I incessantly Googled till I'd successfully frightened myself into believing it was a neurological dysfunction. Which, my friends, is why you should never forget that real human doctors exist outside of WebMD and the 

Now, what did you do this week?
Drama aside, I'll admit it does take a bit of arm-pinching to realise that experiencing frequent cases of the Googly Eye when visually mingling with big names like Marc, Yves and Céline is now part of my job. I've also never dedicated so much time to researching on how to recreate the Game of Thrones brand of medieval chic for the street. Or the origins of the colorblock aesthetic. 
But enough of that. Let's talk about the Public Garden Market for a second. I've attended them periodically through the months, but their recent edition was a sprawling compound of jewellery craftspeople, fashion designers, food gourmands and bric-a-brac curators like I'd never seen before. It took a bit of cutting swathes through the insane human traffic, but I found several vintage stands that caught my eye, the most prominent of which being Her Vintage Finds. Known also as the vintage boutique that rescued from oblivion the iridescent sundress on me. 

I loved this dress through and through the moment it caught my eye. First it was the neon brites, then the almost-dangerous centre slit, and then my obvious inclination toward any floral print sealed the deal. And it's not often you find a vintage store that manages to curate old world pieces that somehow still seem relevant on the streets in this day. Vintage is tricky as such - one wrong move and you look like you're in grandma's hand-me-downs. Her Vintage Finds is a stellar place to go back in time and find aesthetics that endure eras.

Wearing dress from Her Vintage Finds/ Danity Roses shoes 

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