Postcards From New York


The Momofuku Milk Bar has a cult following on their amazing cookies, crack pie and cake truffles - they're the imaginative underdog of the Big Apple's pastry scene. I've been following their Instagram page for months and the little swell of fanaticism and fascination I felt at hello was so, so real.

Radio City Music Hall. The site of many historical music events, including Taylor Swift's 2009 MTV VMAs performance post-Kanye hijack.
Taking the time to find the pretty little gems Central Park is dotted with.
Of all the thousand-calorie meals and snaking long lines you will ravage whilst in New York City, the Shake Shack will undoubtedly be the most worthwhile. Go the full nine yards and order a burger, cheese fries and concrete (a debaucherous blend of frozen custard and mix-ins like chocolate chunks and cookie dough) and then proceed to feel more guilty than you have in days.
Behold the iconic Flat Iron building.
Navigating the subway maps and swarming streets is quite the sport.
Can't walk ten feet without bumping into one of these halal food carts!

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