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The hazard of being too conditioned to think that my upcoming New York adventure is still ages away is quite the fortuitous predicament. In the past few days alone I’ve had several glorious awakenings at the realization that it’s merely two weeks out.
Meanwhile on the Upper East Side, the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are still killing it at the street style game, casually acing the stylistic ingenuity typical of many a fashion luminary’s muse, as if they were born in Valentino onesies and destined for a life as a permanent style column fixture. Consider me guilty as charged of looking up paparazzi shots of those two for vacation wardrobe inspiration. I may even be slightly strung out on Kendall’s crop top and tailored pant ensembles.

Which brings me to the subject of this post. The inspiration for this look is 50% pantsuit, 50% New Yorker fash pack style ambitions, and was photographed in a forlorn skate park just a block away from my home. One of my goals for this blog--given that Singapore doesn’t have very many conducive picturesque locations to begin with--was to rediscover the photogenic charm in places that I’ve absentmindedly passed by time and again. So there we were on a sedative hot afternoon, getting trigger happy with the quaint asymmetry of the skate ramp assortment.

Also, excuse the incoherent babble that is the direct result of heady post-gym muscle agony and general fatigue from the relentless production of various marketing missives that have occurred at work over the past week. All of the hard work, as I’m sure, warrants a small personal reward of the Momofuku Milk Bar’s birthday cake truffles and crack pie, Dominique Ansel cookie shots and an IHOP red velvet short stack. Which, mind you, is just two weeks away. Over and out.

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