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In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll start by putting it out there that this is a (gasp!) sponsored post. But by way of incentivisation to keep reading, I will bring to the table a tried-and-tested review of a hair salon. Which you should read if you have hair, because if there is one gripe I’ve noticed people have prior to embarking on a transformation, it’s that they can’t alleviate jitters at the thought of towards exploring unknown salon territory till they first get a verbal stamp of approval from someone who’s been there and done that. So, here’s a recommendation brought to you by yours truly.

You know the adage that extols the merits of leaping head first into getting a complete hair makeover, because no matter what you do, just give it its obligatory few months and hair always grows back? Me neither. My locks have always known the sweet life of being doused daily in copious handfuls of conditioner and being maintained au naturel, kept away from perilous salon chemicals and unfamiliar hairdresser hands. I’ve never dyed my hair, save for the one time I was 15 and my mom put DIY highlights in my hair for a pet art project of sorts, and for a while I survived on stealth mode at school trying not to get busted for it.

But dye jobs are generally the right of passage for every twenty-something girl, so call it the herd mentality, #FOMO, #YOLO, or other relevant trashy teen hash tags, but a couple of weeks ago I was toying with the idea of getting my hair colored. So I obliged when serendipitously enough, The Comb got in touch with me to offer a sponsorship. I was mildly thrilled by the idea of getting my locks pampered in a uppity hair studio, after a lifetime of murky neighbourhood salons.

The Comb is a cosy alcove tucked in the Club Street area amidst various languid weekend brunch hotspots. For the entire length of time I spent in the salon, I was very well taken care of and found myself taking pleasure in the extravagant novelties that come with top-notch customer service. Such as the studio folk plying me with a stack of magazines and offering to serve me tea and chocolates after they sat me down. I thought it best to internalise my frivolous gratitude and excitement, but really, my thoughts were something along the lines of: they do that in hair salons?!?! Consider me schooled.

My hair was given a routine trim before they put in shades of auburn, copper and gold. After thirty or so minutes of incubation, in which time I was offered their WIFI password to stave off the antsiness, the dye was rinsed off in a gloriously lengthy wash that included a  (!!!) tranquilising head massage. Would I recommend The Comb to anyone in search of a place to get a dye or trim? That was be a booming yes, because the folks there keep you in good care at every point and the location is convenient enough that you can run off for a Mimosa and Eggs Benedict right after. They offer the usual suspects in their service menu - perms, highlights and dye jobs, hair and scalp therapeutics etc, and their prices won’t break your budget either.

The Comb Hair Studio is at 12 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069252
Call 64383138 for appointments, or visit their digital play spaces:
Instagram: @thecombsg

In partnership with The Comb

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