Flare Pants: A Quick Throwback


If there’s one thing that can be said about the fashion, retro is always cool. Every season there’s no shortage of such definitive proclamations: The swinging 70’s are back! …Well, just like they were the year before, and the year before that.

In fact, add ‘Throwback’ somewhere in your Instagram photo, or essay, or blog post and you score instant brownie points with whoever reads it. And herein lies the inspiration for the title of my post, which by now is nearly a month late, thanks to procrastination levels that have hit a new high. I have recently discovered that my favourite solution to the abominable affliction that is writer's block, is to let the assignment fester in my mind until the dormancy is suddenly overtaken by a colossal wave of inspiration. Usually in the most inconvenient moments, like when I have absolutely no note-taking devices at my immediate disposal. But alas! Tonight I seem to have finally found the resolution to crank out this post.

I adore the whole host of nostalgia-tinged synonyms and all its sartorial connotations: retro, vintage, classic silhouettes and timeless glamor. The free-flowing pleated crepe midi dresses, romantic Victorian lace and collars, cherry lips, Mary Janes and the like have always held a certain magnetic appeal. But! Let’s not pretend it’s not a hefty commitment to always be decked out as such. Between digging up scanty vintage garb at thrift stores and burning holes in pockets to afford a marked-up ‘Vintage’ piece, dressing in whatever the high street is currently hawking always seems much more convenient and comparatively frugal. That much explains my excitement at finding this pair of striped flared pants, which have liberal lashings of a 70's vibe without being either overpriced or reclaimed, and also with enough edge to stave off appearing comical (which looks a little like this amusing specimen of wide leg pants from the Man Repeller). I may or may not have been tempted to buy them in every design. 

Flared pants are almost like the neglected stepsister in the bifurcated garment family. They're always hidden away in the shadows of their tailored, tapered and straight-legged bloodline. Admittedly I've never taken too kindly to the wide leg myself up until recent times, but I have a feeling this newfound obsession is merely in the infancy of its development.There's something about those clean flowing lines and that relaxed silhouette

My two cents worth on how to wear the flare? Make sure it's cinched at the waist and has just enough length to cover your ankles, lest your look borders on sloppy and reminiscent of bedtime attire. Always remember that heels create elongation, but feel free to go a few decades further back in time and take the more comfortable option of platform sandals. And since we're going all out here to emulate vintage, let's top it all off with a wide-brimmed hat while we're at it. This classic aesthetic is going nowhere, and perhaps the likes of Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin were indeed on to something back in the day, after all.

Wearing Behave Behave Pants / Temt Crop Top

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