The Midi Skirt Lowdown


Midiskirt [mid-ee-skurt]
A skirt or skirt part, as of a dress or coat, ending at the middle of the calf.

Specimens of its application:
1. The midi skirt is an offshoot of the elegance and grace that characterized the 1940’s – special props to Christian Dior, who elevated it to its current de rigueur status in his haute couture back in ‘47. Uh huh, the midi skirt goes way back. Though none of that is particularly shocking, for a knee-length style that’s more conservative than refrigerator sales in the Great Depression.
2. Over the decades, the midi skirt has been embroiled in several gender equality debates, as an accidental but symbolic accoutrement of female progression. Not every lady in the street was pleased when 1970 was declared the ‘Year of the Midi’ - some saw it as an erosion of the post-war emancipation that had made rising hemlines socially acceptable, and deemed it to be a premeditated stifling of the progression of women.
3. The aforementioned fun facts are courtesy of the volumes of literature that can be found on the ‘Net soliciting the prolific history of the unassuming midi skirt, i.e. none of this was made up. Who would’ve thought the midi skirt was such a fuss-stirrer back in the day? All of this certainly didn’t come to mind when I first spotted this backless lace-printed midi dress on ASOS. The dress checks all the boxes: dainty print, the classic midi style and that cutout back which obviously had me at hello, because I'm a moth to the flame when it comes to anything with low, strappy, ripped or lace back details.
4. My attachment to midi skirts is, admittedly, pretty new. Perhaps it comes with the territory of being 23 and realizing that life is no longer about how much leg you can show before your hemline starts bordering on sartorial (and moral) sin. Time to make like Audrey Hepburn in A Roman Holiday, and bust out elegant hemlines that leave everything to the imagination. Take the liberty to assume that graceful refinement will naturally follow.

Wearing ASOS Open Back Midi Dress / New Look Heels / Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

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