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Fashion always winds up blowing in a certain direction, one guided very much by a motley crew of high street retailers, e-tailers and the cherrypicked cool kids of Instagram. All it ever seems to take is for one Instagram influencer to be seen in a Zara-something by her adoring posse, to herald a trend that'll spread so far and wide that in due time, every component of Gen Z and their mother will be decked out some variation of it. 

In the coming months it'll cut an cringeworthy swath through the fashion landscape before vanishing so completely off the face of the Earth that you barely remember how its existence ever came to be. I look to those Zara angular skorts as a neon signposted example of this, and thank the heavens we left all of that behind in 2014.

In fashion there are, however, occasional gems that sprout from seeming nothingness, that you manage to uncover at the precise moment of actualisation to turn into some form of a magnum opus, before anyone else seems to realises what has hit them. For me, this was a fringed white lace Self Portrait skirt I first saw on Aimee from Song of Style. I was sold on the intricate lace detailing and ethereal flowing fringe at first sight, but my multiple Google searches and keen eye on the streets turned up no signs of this skirt being picked up by the masses. You know you've struck gold when you can wear something so surreally exquisite without the perpetual fear of walking right into a carbon copy of your outfit at the mall. Pair it with a matching crop top that straddles the fine balance between being absolute enough to stand up to it without overwhelming the piece de resistance, and we're in business.

Wearing Self Portrait Skirt/Temt Lace Crop Top/ASOS Heels

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