If it ain't broke


In life, there are some codes of conduct you'd do well to follow. For example: Never put bananas in the fridge. Don't post Facebook status updates more than twice a day. Attend weddings for the food, but don't forget to graciously pretend to be interested in the couple. To create a viral video, simply compress a hundred years of (insert country) beauty into a one minute video clip and wait for Buzzfeed to discover it.

The same goes with fashion, and most people will wax lyrical on their own interpretations of do and do not's: don't dress entirely in black unless you're at a funeral or a club. Keep a measured distance from all-white ensembles, unless you're an aisle away from being taken off the proverbial market forever. And whatever you do, never wear denim on denim. Because it's the kind of 'retro' that was meant to stay in the 70s and your Americana-phobic self can't deal with looking like a backward cowgirl from Wyoming. I've always scowled at these rules, and I cannot comprehend how one might come to be described as polished, contemporary, slick, breezy or sharp without ever subscribing to at least one of these styles. 

Case in point - no one would ever have trouble putting me in a black-on-black outfit, because when you're geared up in black, you can transit chameleon-style, from workplace to dinner date to weekend venture, without ever looking out of place or anything less than immaculate. Even if it's a Sunday and style equates to comfort, rather than formality. Even if all you're wearing is a pair of audaciously comfortable black culottes and a silky black butterfly-sleeved top. See? You can pull off 'laid-back', 'sharp' and 'contemporary' all in the same go! A pop of red, on your lips and/or in your arms, never hurt anyone either. If all else fails, a pair of shades never will.  Because you can always count on hiding behind dark reflective glass to impart a brooding and standoffish vibe, that automatically bumps your cool factor up multifold. And there you have it. All-black is so classic, we couldn't use the phrase 'black is the new black' even if we tried. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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