Dealing With A Gary Pepper Obsession


Also known as Trend Watch: Edition 2.
The mission: Frivolous, unapologetic stalking of a specified Australian blogger in its most carnal form, to retrieve a curation of the most elegantly chic and discerningly assembled outfits.
Enter: Gary Pepper Girl.

Once upon a time, I was an awkward twenty-one year old with a closet blooming with an excess of petal-printed garments, cringeworthy skin-clinging tops and tiny skirts, and an awareness on fashion and beauty comparable to that of a girl at twelve. I didn't really have any clue about what textile to layer on top of what pattern, or what primary color. Fortunately or otherwise, I could fall back on my keenness to associate myself with a zeal for fashion, and my aforementioned lack of knowledge on the topic was salvaged to a small extent through my relentless stalking of several style bloggers. 
One of which was an Australian born Korean-Japanese blogger who ran her own online vintage boutique and whose influence was quickly blossoming in the digital space. That was three years ago. She has now become one of the forces to be reckoned with in the industry, and my little obsession has also developed into a full-blown infatuation with said blogger and a resultant propensity for my own style to be guided by one crucial question: what would Gary Pepper Girl wear? I don't know whether or not to feel settled by this.

If you're currently unacquainted with Gary Pepper Girl, now would be the precise moment you hear the echo of a booming 'where have you been?!'. I mean, come on! Written by Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper is the purveyor of Fine Fashion and enchanting glamor, shot against the most whimsical utopian landscapes, turned into an unending stockpile of enviable cute-as-a-button blog posts and Instagram photos. She has had massive influence on my closet, and the precise cat-eye kohl calligraphy I draw on my eyes every morning probably wouldn't have come about if I hadn't first seen it on her. So, I thought it apt for one of my posts to feature some of the best looks I've seen on Nicole Warne over the years, and perhaps shed a little light on why exactly she's the exemplification of what I'd like to achieve.

The jury is out on what I love most about the ensemble:
- The sultry red lips
- The flared pants that are almost too voluminous to be flattering or chic, yet are held to the ground by the unassuming lace shell top 
- The pointy-toe stilettos. 
...It's probably everything.

The word fashion in itself seems to suggest that it is in its nature that something is either in or out, and few trends are hardy enough to transcend the times. Midi dresses are by and large one of them, and their inherent elegance never seems to go out of style. 

Turtlenecks are the territory of either the brave, or the reckless. When done wrong it'll either take you back in time to the underbelly of the 60's, or generate nun-like imagery. Of course Gary Pepper Girl gets the turtle neck right, by teaming it with a shimmery wrap-front pencil skirt and classic patent Christian Louboutin Pigalles.

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