Coffee and Cupcakes


There's something to be said about the Tiong Bahru precinct. I really ought to be repulsed by its street cred. 

There is too much artisanal coffee! It's where the expats live in battered flats they try to pass off as 'full of character', and then host hedonistic house parties every weekend! There are bikes propped on every shopfront, as if people actually think a couple of misplaced props are sufficient to douse your boutique-slash-cafe-slash-bookstore with free-spirited hippie vibes! Has it taken us this long to realise it's a sellout disguised as a comeback? I should really disassociate myself from every notion of the proverbial hipster neighborhood. And yet, I like Tiong Bahru all the more for it. It might be trying too hard to be modish, but unlike every other sleepy least it's trying. And it seemed like the right backdrop for a couple of photos.

We were wayfaring through the area in search of caffeine and Plain Vanilla cupcakes, and sneaked in time to take a few shots before the last shreds of sunlight receded for the day. I'm wearing something of a slip dress that'll reveal itself to be a romper on closer inspection, which I procured online as a definite result of my Rumi Neely fanfare. Granted, most slip dresses only look good when they're hanging off an almost-meatless frame (again: Rumi Neely), but I love the litheness of it and the way the fabric rests itself on your edges just loosely enough to be shapely, yet comfortable.

Wearing Xhysteria romper / ASOS sandals (similar here)

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