Chasing Daisies


Some people think you can't put a price on style, an opinion which I cannot validate. What I do know, however, is you can certainly put a price on getting good photos.

Finding a location for these photos was by no means an easy mission. We drove across the city in search of fabled picturesque locations, and when we finally located it - which again, wasn't exactly convenient, as one cannot simply type 'nameless pretty field' in Google Maps and expect to automatically be led to it - we had to navigate the heck out of feeder roads, trudge through muddy ground, brave the face-melting heat and upon finally stepping into this gorgeous field, were faced with the constant danger of being almost poked in the eyeballs by the 5-foot flora. 

But the chase was definitely worth the prize. Call it a fluke, but we also made it here just in time for golden hour, which means the soft rays of sunlight painted all our photos with a romantic warm glow. We had all of twenty minutes to get all the photos we wanted, following which we were confronted by a couple of territorial puppies who barked us out of the area and threatened for a moment to chase us through the obstacle course field. Because apparently, domesticated dogs claiming fairytale fields as their second home are now a thing. And then we adjourned to Popeyes for a couple of icy sodas for a life-saving respite from the heat.

I have been incredibly excited to share these photos, and there will be a second iteration with more details on my outfit!

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