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What do you get when you mix a Taylor Swift-esque fondness for ditzy florals and cute sundresses, with the occasional penchant for a calculated step in the (god forbid) normcore direction?

I'm quite content to think I'm heavily influenced by T-Swift's romantic and subdued style but some days, I don't care much for letting my outfit make me feel dainty. So instead I count on a mixup of polished casuals, like this high neck jersey dress, with a few strategic finishing touches layered on top of it. When you live in a mid-thirty degree climate, the layering game is played in a slightly different fashion. There's no tweed coats or tailored blazers, no room on the temperature scale for full sleeves.

This is the little leagues, and my interpretation of it today was a plaid button-up, tied mid-waist. When the anchor of your outfit is a fitted dress but ostentatiousness isn't part of the plan, count on some variation of a casual chambray shirt (see also: denim jacket) to cut back on the rigidity. Which then leaves you the curatorial liberties to round off the getup with a pair of shoes that mixes it up further - laced up sandals, ye olde brogue, or, if you're like me, a pair of grey sneakers belonging to your sister that seem to get nicely acquainted with practically every item of clothing. When your outfit is multifarious as such, perhaps even a little cleverly confused, anything goes. Like a fitted dress, broken in with a casual shirt, interjected by a structured bag, then shaken up by casual sneakers. You get the idea.

Wearing Temt dress. Forever 21 shirt. Givenchy bag.

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